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After another dinosaur motif sentai season, it’s time to have something new. It’s rangers with the train motif!!! What???

Zordon is a Racist

He’s one step away from creating the White Power Rangers.

Let’s celebrate 20 years of Power Rangers!!!

San Diego Comic Con 2013 - Tamashii Nations Booth (by prsamuraicast)

SHOUT BOX OPENED! POWER RANGERS LEGACY? : Black Nerd Comic-Con (by BlackNerdComedy)

20 years of awesome inside this box!!!

20th anniversary for PR

20th anniversary for PR

Power Rangers Display Update, Trivia Winners, Mail Vlog! (by MMPRtoys)

Wish I have the money to get all that and the lights for my collection. 

Black power ranger gets pulled over ORIGINAL (by LucidityBeats)

Oh no!!! The sleeping bag is trying to eat my kid!!!

獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー ガブガブ ガシャポン キャンペーン (by BandaiJP)


WTF did I listen to… (my podcast list) on September 19th, 2012.

Superhero Time: September 18, 2012
The news: Power Rangers mega DVD set coming to wide retail because someone realized they could be making piles more money off it.
The weeklies: Ken gives the most positive, energetic reading of a Go-busters episode ever! Plus, Wizard loses many donuts; sad trombone. (PLEASE)
Power Playback: Watch Ryukendo, because it has things like The World’s Biggest Umbrella.
Mentioned in the show: “That Blade AMV” (WARNING: May cause you to bleed from your eyes, brain, and rectum.)
Today’s end theme: Life is Showtime on piano by Kuroto2000

Nerdist Podcast #258: Ben Folds and Fraggles
Ben Folds comes on the podcast to talk about the new Nerdist-produced video we made with him and the Fraggles for the first track “Do It Anyway” from the new Ben Folds Five album “The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind” (which is amazing)! And stay tuned for a special bonus interview with someone super special at the end…

RRR Season 3 – Episode #17: Invasion of the Buddy Snatchers!
Yup, Wizard premiers and you get a pun for a title. Talk about some new toys, fill the show with Super Hero Time related discussions, and wrap up with a short Ramble Time and Twitter Questions of the Week. Enjoy!

RRR Season 3 – Episode #18: Just Believe!!!
I BELIEVE IN MAGIC. I CAN SHOOT FIRE! HI-HI-HI! HI-HI-HI! Apparently I can also mimic Kirby. Join us as we discuss some new Tamashii products, MegaBloks, Squinkies, Wizard news, Sentai rumors, and DVDs! So much news, so little…motivation. For Super Hero Time, we hit up Go-Busters 29 (ZOMG IT’S ENDING??111?1!? lol no) and Wizard 2! Ramble Time returns with Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Avengers, and Transformers. Finally we read the answers to our latest Facebook Question!

/Filmcast Ep. 200 – The Summer of 2012 and Looking Back on 200 Episodes
Dave, Devindra, and Adam reflect on their favorite and most disappointing films of the summer, and discuss what it’s been like to record 200 episodes of the /Filmcast.

WTF did I listen to… (my podcast list) on September 12th, 2012.

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast – Episode 235, “Luffy Came From Outer Space”
On this episode of the One Piece Podcast, hosts Zach and Ed are joined by Dennis (“Ichnob”) to go through a lot of News — including Neon Alley, Episode of Nami, and more — some Manga Recap for Chapter 678, “Lobby of Laboratory Building A,” some Anime Recap for Episode 563, “A Shocking Fact! The True Identity of Hody!” and some Piece Together.

RRR Season 3 – Episode #16: It’s Time Fourze End!
It’s over! One of the most evenly hated and loved Rider show to hit the air (and lowest rated for that matter) has finally concluded. Love it? Hate it? Join us as we discuss the finale, and share our thoughts about what worked during Fourze, and what didn’t work out in the end. Before that, we tackle the latest news from PR, Rider, and Sentai, discuss the potential Go-Busters retool, as well as the latest episode. Finally we conclude with Ramble Time, and the Facebook Question of the Bi-Weeklyness.

WTF did I listen to… (my podcast list) on September 5th, 2012.

The news: A little from Tamashii Feature, but the important stuff isn’t until next month.
The weeklies: Kamen Rider Wizard debuts very strong, and Go-busters starts focusing on some heavy plot.
Power Playback: The important part of a Zyuranger story.
Also: Claw Sentai Wolveringer

Totally Rad Show: 6 Days to Air- The Making of South Park
Alex, Jeff, and Dan take a look at Comedy Central’s new documentary about the making of South Park, 6 Days to Air, which is available on Netflix instant watch. Unbelievably, this massively topical cartoon goes from conception to national broadcast in only 6 days, and for the first time cameras were there to capture it. Does the process reveal a how-the-sausage-is-made disappointment, or can it make the genius of South Park even more impressive?

Frame Rate 91: Bricks in the Wall of Awesome
Arrested Development on Netflix, Apple execs say no TV set, Amazon-NBCU deal, YouTube skippable mobile video ads, and more.

TED: Candy Chang: Before I die I want to…
In her New Orleans neighborhood, artist and TED Fellow Candy Chang turned an abandoned house into a giant chalkboard asking a fill-in-the-blank question: “Before I die I want to ___.” Her neighbors’ answers — surprising, poignant, funny — became an unexpected mirror for the community. (What’s your answer?)

TED: Timothy Prestero: Design for people, not awards
Timothy Prestero thought he’d designed the perfect incubator for newborns in the developing world — but his team learned a hard lesson when it failed to go into production. A manifesto on the importance of designing for real-world use, rather than accolades.

TED: Rob Legato: The art of creating awe
Rob Legato creates movie effects so good they (sometimes) trump the real thing. In this warm and funny talk, he shares his vision for enhancing reality on-screen in movies like Apollo 13, Titanic and Hugo.

TED: Ivan Oransky: Are we over-medicalized?
Reuters health editor Ivan Oransky warns that we’re suffering from an epidemic of preposterous preconditions — pre-diabetes, pre-cancer, and many more. In this engaging talk from TEDMED he shows how health care can find a solution… by taking an important lesson from baseball.

TED: Jon Ronson: Strange answers to the psychopath test
Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? With a hair-raising delivery, Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test, illuminates the gray areas between the two.

WTF did I listen to … on August 31st, 2012.

The news: Find out JD’s thoughts on Figuarts Blue Buster being a Web Store Exclusive.
The weeklies: It is no longer Space Time, because Fourze has now concluded.
Power Playback: Blue SWAT: The Movie. It serves them right.
Also: A conversation on the visual development of Kamen Rider over the years.

NSFW 142: Smang all the things
Turquoise Jeep joins us in studio for their first ever interview and Dual Core performs live! Guests:Turquoise Jeep and Dual Core

Nerdist Podcast #251: Gangnam Style
It’s some hostful goodness to start off your weekend! Everyone enjoys some world music, Matt and Jonah argue about movies, and Chris talks about going to the Doctor Who premiere!

Freakonomics Radio: How Deep Is the Shadow Economy?
Our latest Freakonomics Radio podcast is called “How Deep Is the Shadow Economy?” It addresses what we know — and don’t know — about the gazillions of dollars that never show up on anyone’s books. The conversation ranges from the macro to the micro — that is, from worldwide estimates of the size of the shadow economy to the actual off-the-books transactions (from drug dealing to freelance hair-cutting) that make those dollars flow.

My So Called 8bit Life Episode 73 – 100% Confirmation.
Welcome to Episode 73! I’m joined once again by Erica Torres. Tonight, we talk interviews, Dragon Con, and terrible films. Enjoy.

Operation Kino 78: Lawless And The Summer Movie Patches Matches Game You’ve Been Waiting For
This week on Operation Kino, we’re once again down a Da7e, and this time swap him out for Jenni Miller, writer at, Bust and many other fine establishments. We review the new John Hillcoat drama Lawless, then move on to the newest installment of everyone’s favorite game, Patches Matches, which helps us wrap up the summer movie season. Before any of that, though, there’s a lightning round inspired by Matisyahu’s role in The Possession, and then tidbits, in which David worries for his health after seeing The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate in 3D with subtitles, Jenni s a fan of For A Good Time Call, Patches doesn’t understand why y’all hate on Paul Auster all the time, and Katey tentatively recommends the Jewish-influenced horror of The Possession. We end, as always, with your lightning round answers for dessert.

WTF did I listen to … on August 25th, 2012.

RRR Season 3 – Episode #15: And This is What We Thought of It!
Of Morphicon that is! As well as this week’s Go-Busters and Fourze! Join us for about an hour and a half as we retell our week long Power Morphicon trip and experience. Huge shout out to everyone we met while in Pasadena! If you met us and we didn’t really know who you were, leave us a comment and let us know! When the Morphicon excitement is all said and done, we discuss the latest news of the week, cover our Super Hero Time episodes, and do a short Ramble Time about this week’s Avengers. Finally we wrap up with the rest of last week’s Facebook Question, and this week’s Twitter Questions of the Week! Hopefully the Facebook question will go up on time this week.

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