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Batman Is Everything Wrong With Square Enix (Jimquisition)

At least the battle system is fun, but the stories for the later FF… facepalm*

The games industry is so scared, it runs screaming from problems that aren’t even real. - AN INDUSTRY OF PITIFUL COWARDS (Jimquisition) (by Escapist)

I didn’t know people can dance with the FF victory theme. — FINAL FANTASY DANCE MODE (Final Fantasy VII & XIII Themes) by Mike Song & Tony Tran

Female Squall.

Female Squall.

Bollywood Summons - Group set-3 by dustinleitzel on Flickr.Bollywood inspired Final Fantasy summons cosplay!
Top across, left to right: Phoenix, Shiva, and Siren. Center: Odin and Cactutar. Bottom: Carbuncle, Sylph, Tonberry, and Yojimbo.

Bollywood Summons - Group set-3 by dustinleitzel on Flickr.

Bollywood inspired Final Fantasy summons cosplay!

Top across, left to right: Phoenix, Shiva, and Siren. Center: Odin and Cactutar. Bottom: Carbuncle, Sylph, Tonberry, and Yojimbo.

FINAL FANTASY Medley (Harp Twins) Camille and Kennerly, Harp Duet (by CamilleandKennerly)


“KNOCK OUT SHINRA!” by Megan Lara$10 on today (12/29) only! 

sucks that  I missed the chance to get this t-shirt. =(


“KNOCK OUT SHINRA!” by Megan Lara
$10 on today (12/29) only! 

sucks that  I missed the chance to get this t-shirt. =(

Final Fantasy All The Bravest Trailer (by The1UPNetwork)

And I thought this game is fake. But it’s real. And it’s a piece of shit.

WTF did I listen to… (my podcast list) on September 3rd, 2012.

Totally Rad Show: RADRebus (Aug 30, 2012)
Play along with Dan, Jeff, and Alex as they compete to decipher the movie-based word puzzles that make up RADrebus. Can you out-guess the guys?

Totally Rad Show: Summer Movie Wager 2012 Results!
Summer’s final days are upon us, which means it is time to check in on the annual TRS Summer Movie Wager. Special guest Peter Sciretta from /Film join Dan, Jeff, and Alex to run down the biggest domestic grosses of the summer, to find out who managed to most accurately predict the top 10 blockbusters. Find out who won the 6th annual Summer Wager.

The Film Sack Podcast 128 – The one about The Wild Wild West
Today, we talk about Wild Wild West! The two best hired guns in the West must save President Grant from the clutches of a 19th century inventor-villain. Join Scott, Randy, Brian and Ibbott as they ride the super mecha-spider into the west desert!

Final Fantasy Union 71: A Trip Down Memory Lane!
Final Fantasy Union is back again for another show so you can get your FF fix. Darryl warms up the mic with the Spencer and Lauren and they waste no time getting into the nitty-gritty. First up is the news which includes an announcement about the 25th Anniversary event and then news about the new FF mobile game about to release. After a bit of ranting, they move onto the main section of the show. This week, they decide to not go into the questions. Instead, they revisit the very popular “remeniss about a particular FF game.” Last time, it was a rant fest about Dirge of Cerberus. This time around, the gang decides to discuss their experiences with…’ll have to listen to find out!

WTF did I listen to … on August 11th, 2012.

Nerdist Podcast #241: Thomas Jane
Thomas Jane (and a special super-cute guest of his) sit down with Chris and Matt to talk about Deep Blue Sea, the DIY revolution in the film industry, and the KickStarter for his video game Bad Planet!

East Meets West 293 – Never trust a committee
Roger and Tom talk news, politics and weather. It’s like a local news broadcast but with more theory and less hyped-up kittens in trees.

Final Fantasy Union Episode 70: All your questions are answered!
Final Fantasy Union has returned once again for another Final Fantasy Fantastic episode! This week, Darryl is joined by Colin, Lauren, and special guest Spencer. As promised, this episode is all about questions; in particular, your questions. After a brief introduction, the gang launch directly into answering your inquiries!

RRR Season 3 – Episode #13: That Pisces Me Off!
It really does! Just minding our own business and suddenly some mysterious voice from the heavens of intellect chimes in to answer Twitter questions. What’s up with that? Regardless, we are thankful for him in the upcoming future past escapade that is RRRnRRR Hibiki. Before all that however, we discuss the latest news surrounding Card Archives, Wizard, Go-Busters, and useless Samurai merchandise. Super Hero Time hits with Go-Buster 24 (almost at the halfway point…) and Fourze 45 (IT’S ALMOST OVER!)! Pokemon and Avengers keep Ramble Time alive, while we conclude with the Twitter Questions. Keep em coming folks!

Totally Rad Show: Movie Review - The Bourne Legacy
It’s time for the next chapter in the Bourne saga, The Bourne Legacy. This time, we follow Jeremy Renner as he fights to survive his government superiors with the help of Rachel Weisz. With writer/director Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton) at the helm, does this action-spy-thriller live up to its heritage or fall flat? Alex, Dan, and guest reviewer Germain Lussier from scope it out.

WTF did I listen to … on July 8, 2012.

Freakonomics Radio Podcast: Please Steal My Car

This week’s podcast is a new round of “FREAK-quently Asked Questions,” in which Levitt and I respond to queries from readers and listeners. The conversation covers junk food, obsessions, insurance (sexy!), what to do if you win the lottery, and best of all, the easiest way to make an economist (or Levitt, at least) really happy.

East Meets West 291 – Born too early What makes a media format die?

The dangers of energy drinks. Why we stay up late at home. How we related to the rave scene. What scene are you? Why Roger was born too early. The rise of the passionate employee and the community-oriented business. Why we’ll want serendipity in shopping.

East Meets West 287 – A burning future

Roger and Tom share their thoughts on alternative medicine after Roger visits a chiropractor. Does the EU make internal borders unnecessary? What makes a nation or even an ethnic region come into being? And why the future will be like Burning Man.

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 69: How is Square Enix going to survive?

E3 is several weeks gone but Final Fantasy Union is back to wrap it up while also talking about the new developments in the FF franchise. Darryl is joined by Colin and Lauren and they waste no time getting into the news. This week includes thoughts on the Agni’s Philosophy tech demo, Square Enix changing their development, and a new Final Fantasy XI expansion.

Nerdist Podcast #227: Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein

The hilarious Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein tell us how they come up with ideas for Portlandia, Fred talks about his days in the Blue Man Group, and we learn that old people love listening to The Nerdist!

Nerdist Podcast #226: Billy West and John DiMaggio

Get ready to hear some impressions, voices and bits! Billy West and John DiMaggio come on the show to fake some calls, do voices from Futurama, and tell some hilarious stories!

Superhero Time: July 3, 2012

The news: Everybody loves a Wizard! Plus, the biggest, most expensive regular retail SH Figuart ever.
The weeklies: Go-Buster-Oh can actually move! And Fourze breaks JD’s brain.
Power Playback: Kamen Rider Skyrider, episode 28

WTF did I listen to … on June 16, 2012.

Final Fantasy Union #68: Will Versus 13 just be FF15?

With E3 right around the corner, Final Fantasy Union is back again to help give you your fix of FF goodness. This week, Darryl is joined by Colin and Lauren and they jump headfirst into this universe. First stop: the news. This week, they talk about FF7 remake news and updates on FF Versus 13 (don’t get excited, there’s not much).

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast: Episode 221, “Roronoa Zoro”

On this episode of The One Piece Podcast, we’re continuing our special [One Piece: Restart] event with an episode somewhat dedicated to the First Mate of the Strawhat Pirates, Roronoa Zoro. We also go through the News with Firecrouch, we have a Manga Recap for Chapter 667, Greg no Gougai, a Pieces of Eight with Greg, a Piece by Piece about the FUNimation v. ADV lawsuit, and some Piece Together.

Good Job, Brain! — Episode 15: ALL QUIZ BONANZA! #3

Zip up those flies, Smarty Pants, because we’re trying out some new stuff for this episode! Fascinating factoids and quizzes about ice cream, humble beginnings, Disney, and… robot voices? Surprises GALORE, so we don’t want to spoil too much.

Totally Rad Show: Moonrise Kingdom - Movie Review

Director Wes Anderson has carved out a very unique place in cinema, garnering a passionate cult following and influencing numerous other filmmakers. His latest, Moonrise Kingdom, is a prime example of his uncommon visual style, and use of intelligent, engaging young characters. Are Dan, Jeff, and Alex charmed by the fairy tale love story, or do they simply yearn for more Bill Murray?

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