Affirmative Action Bake Sale - College (R) President Follow-Up (by tytuniversity)

University of California, Berkeley College Republicans made news by protesting affirmative action with a controversial bakesale some believe showed racism. Ana Kasparian and Jayar Jackson discuss a follow-up involving the president of the College Republicans at UCB.

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One of the comments from the video:

FYI: The bake sale is in protest of bill, SB185; the discounts given to minorities were suppose serve as an analogy to the bill. However, the bill says it may consider things like race, sex, income, etc. “so long as no preference is given.” White students are charged the most, suggesting race considerations hurt them the most, but white admissions in California have been declining since Affirmative Action was banned in 1996 (prop 209). So, reliably, Republicans are acting on misinformation.

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